Man. Things are going to get wacky. It already kinda has!

Before we begin, I’ve never really created a blog before, and this is going to be my first post. Given the string of events we’ve been witnessing over that last few years, I finally decided to actually try to use this page to talk about a things that are meaningful to me. I’ve used other platforms in order to attempt expressing myself and my ideas, but to little effect. I’m kind of surprised that my previous attempts didn’t really take. Though I won’t be surprised if this one doesn’t. Oh well, here we go.

There’s a lot in my head brain thing. Bear with me.

First off, welcome! You were actually brave enough to keep reading. Both of you. Thank you so much.

I’ll begin by saying that I intend for this to be a kind of historical record for digital archeologists combing through the internet years from now trying to figure out where it all went wrong. I’ll get into why I think this will actually happen later. It’s totally stupid, don’t worry, you won’t be missing much.

In any case, I have a feeling that if I don’t get this noise out on my head and onto ‘paper’, I’ll be depriving some poor PhD candidate of a particularly annoying primary source. I’ll basically be throwing a message in a bottle out into a sea of bottles. But maybe at least one of the two of you reading this now may enjoy parts of it.

Blah blah labels and such.

If you are indeed reading this from the distant future, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Andrew, I am part of a cohort that was colloquially known as the “millennials”. I’m a citizen of the United States of America, though I am the first generation in my family to have been born into this country. My parents and their families immigrated to this country from Saigon, Vietnam between 1972 and 1975, as refugees. I grew up in a Buddhist household, though the Catholic Church has a presence in my family that has influenced me as well. I was born in Texas, raised in Virginia, went to school in California, and has done service in Vermont. Environmental issues are at the center of my career, I regularly seek the outdoors as a means of recreation, and I consume an unhealthy amount of media. While absurd, I feel compelled to list these modifiers to myself in order to illustrate how societal labels are both increasingly ubiquitous while they become more meaningless. There’s a lot of boxes I can check off on my census survey.

I feel like a lot of this information may be necessary because these many things will contribute to my bias in my observations. Children know what the truth and reality of things are, but then, over a period of years gain layers and layers of ‘context’ which then colors how they view the reality of things. It’s all so very strange, how frequent our misunderstandings. Much of which can be traced to the fact that we all live in our own separated worlds, defined by the myriad of labels we thrust upon ourselves and upon each other. So, welcome to my world.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Apparently I’ve started a blog where I can just vomit a lot of the nonsense that has been rattling around in my head for a while. It’s going to be all over the place, unfortunately. Although, there’s only one of you reading this now, so it doesn’t really matter.

There’s a notion that the person you know the least well is yourself. Society seems to operate in a similar way. There’s so much that a culture presents to the outside world yet somehow they remain oblivious to how others may perceive it. It’s super hard to keep an eye on all the flying parts that make up life, and it’s usually much easier to not pay attention to these things.

That’s the way most normal people live their lives. I, on the other hand, am an idiot that can’t help but think waaaay too hard about weird shit. I will say that I feel like I can see things that other folks can’t, only because I’ve perpetually lived on the margins of wherever I find myself. You can see a lot when looking watching from the 50 yard line. But that also suggests that I’m not actively engaged in the game, which is also true. At best, I’m a commentator on the societal game of living in America in the 21st Century, at worst, I’m a misanthrope who will just complain about everything. I have a feeling I’ll play the role of the latter much more than the former.

Wait, what are we doing?

I’m honestly not sure. There’s a lot going on right now, most of which is maddening and aggravating. But hey, life is super confusing! History is nuts! Pop culture is weird! Science is both fascinating and confounding! There’s a lot to talk about!

I guess I’m here to try to develop worldview. Life, I think, is a series of understanding the world we live in through the lenses of philosophy, history, science, and a commitment to being a well-rounded, “intellectual”.


I have no idea. Let’s just keep going. There’s something to be said about just creating a space where I can just release a lot of word vomit into the aether. Just get things off my mind so maybe I can be an actual productive member of society.

Not a lot of it will make sense.


Here we go?