No One's Reading This, But

Here's a whole lotta nonsense

Well kids, this is how it starts.

Welcome! I've made a blog to talk about... stuff. There’s a lot in my head brain thing. It's gonna get weird.

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‘Home’ is Imaginary

I've recently been stuck thinking about the idea of "Home". There's a lot of emotion that is often attached to that word. It's super personal to each individual, and for completely different reasons. It's a term that I haven't quite... Continue Reading →

The Trauma of Place

How does trauma affect the psychology of a place? Is it the same as when trauma affects people? These have been some the questions I've been wrestling with the past couple of days. (Blendin, if you're reading this as part of... Continue Reading →

A Zombie Dragon Named Harvey

Wow. So I just finished watching the season finale of Game of Thrones. There's a lot on my mind right now. I can honestly say I can hear the clock tower in my town tolling 11 pm as I'm writing... Continue Reading →

Burning Racism

Way to be overdramatic Andrew. Jeez. There's too much nonsense going on here on Earth. It's quite obnoxious to start to pay attention to things like politics, the economy, social issues, and contemporary pop music (T-Swift).  In the past week... Continue Reading →

Digital Democracy

This is what you get when you let the internet decide things.

All the time

Both our history and future has started to fall apart.

Everything all at once

By breaking apart reality into constituent parts people can lose sight of how interconnected everything is.

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